Addressing the Biodiversity Crisis for Parish and Town Councils - NEW

This topic has never been more relevant; with ever worsening reports of wildlife declines in our news, and local communities being urged to help address the biodiversity crisis on a local scale.

As a Town or Parish Council, it can be a daunting process knowing where to start or even act meaningfully to help. Nevertheless, no matter what scale your council operates at, there are lots of practical and beneficial opportunities available to help address this growing issue. And it is at this community level where local councils can truly make a real difference to help biodiversity.

This session identifies the achievable changes and steps that councils can implement to help operate more sustainably and also to ensure your council acts as a genuine catalyst (to enhance biodiversity within your community).


The first part of this webinar will outline the current situation and biodiversity issues in Oxfordshire; as well as national policies and the role of principal authorities or agencies in the county.

The main focus of the session, however, will address the opportunities available from a local council perspective, including:-

  • Accessible advice, support and funding
  • Liaising and working in partnership with local biodiversity groups in Oxfordshire
  • Examples of Biodiversity Action Plans
  • Case studies of positive community action (and how to get initiatives off the ground)
  • Enhancing biodiversity and land-use in your village, town or parish
  • Engaging and bringing your communities with you; demonstrating best practice, raising awareness, encouraging local participation and action.

Event Details

Event Date & Time

Tuesday 20th of February 2024 @ 10:00:00 AM


Online (Zoom)

Price per Delegate

Member Council: £50.00 + VAT
Non-Member Council: £100.00 + VAT

Please note: Booking will be available until Tuesday 13th of February 2024, or until all places have been filled

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